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How PegaSys is Setting the Standard for Permissioning in DLT – by PegaSys | July 31, 2019

Data is precious. Protecting it and being careful and deliberate with giving access to our data and systems is a critical need. For companies building on Enterprise Ethereum, there is a real need to limit the parties that can participate in your network and be privy to the data, and what types of transactions users can make — sending funds, deploying smart contracts, etc. Enter, permissioning.

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LACChain’s permissioning protocols – by LACChain Alliance | July 28, 2020

We define the permissioning protocol of a blockchain network as the process to determine whether a new node is accepted in the network or not.

The LACChain DLT networks will have two different protocols for permissioning new nodes. The first one is named Satellite Permissioning Protocol (SPP) and applies for any new node. The second one is named Core Permissioning Protocol (CPP) and applies only for core nodes. If you are not familiar with our taxonomy, you can read about our core and satellite nodes HERE.

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The Digital Identity – by Keith Metcalfe | July 30, 2019

The march is on to establish digital identities that fully mirror the real-life identities of individuals.
This achievement will unlock more secure, seamless, and reliable interactions online for individuals and organizations alike. While the myriad online activities, multiple social media accounts, and overall immersion of the modern person may make it seem as though identities have completely migrated into the digital ecosystem, the fact is that digital identities remain highly fragmented, context-dependent, and challenging to verify.